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Culture and Landscape

Take in the sweeping landscapes of Ladakh and experience the local culture of Ladakh, in a tour that we will tailor to your interests, whether it's visiting the great mountain lakes of Pangong, the sandy plains of Nubra Valley or the last village of India, Turtuk. 

Stay in guesthouses, budget hotels, luxury camps - Ladakh has an excellent, selection of accommodation, suiting all budgets, luxury and taste for adventure. 


Ladakh is a mountainous desert, whose valleys lie at an altitude of 3,200 metres above sea level, giving you the opportunity to start trekking on dry land at one of the highest places in the world.


Cross the highest mountain passes in the world on foot. Visit distant monasteries and rural hamlets, a preserve of ancient Ladakhi life, or walk amongst the nomadic community along the high pastures, who shepherd their pashmina goats across the high regions.


The terrain and landscape is best enjoyed with a bit of adventure!

Whether it's rafting or kayaking through the centre of the steep valleys,  driving a Royal Enfield motorbike over impossibly high mountain passes, or cycling down from some of the highest roads in the world, there's plenty here for the adventure lover.


The mighty Stok Kangri mountain towers above Leh and the Indus Valley, at 6,150 metres above sea level. This and other peaks (subject to availability) give an opportunity to reach those altitudes in just a few days.